Thursday, 19 July 2012


My olympic event is taekwondo it is like karate but they kick instead of using their hands. They have pads to protect  their body.
Taekwondo is a type of martial arts and uses feet to hit.

* You need to practise and trane an trane to make perfied. To win you need to eat healthy and keep your body fit to compete in the event you are participating in. Taekwondo is played in two minutes the competitors must fight until the two minutes is up.

Taekwondo was invented in The Three - Kingdom ( c.50 BC). When Silla Dynasty in Kor warriors the hwarang  began to develop a martial arts - taekwondo (‘’feet-hands).

Taekwondo was first in the olympics in 1988 seoul games,and.Became an medal sport at the 2000  sydney game

Taekwondo contests fight on a court measuring.

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