Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Cross Country

When the runners came through the grass their shoes got muddy. I had muddy shoes and it was so wet that my shoes were heavy.  Wiremu’s shoes got stuck in the mud. When I came around the corner I slipped.

On Friday room 14 and the whole  school had to be part of cross of country, "It is cross country" I said.
After lunch all the year five had to line up to be taken to the reserveMr Burt clapped and then  we were off down the reserve, into the puddles into mud and over the bridge into the forest.

Telecom  people were guiding us along the way. Going though bushes and seeing flags on the trees, stepping into muddy patches and puddles. Then we got up to  Tamaki College,
my friend Byron just ahead of me.

I was almost at the finish line, until Calvin went past me then I came 19th. 

I felt  good because tried really hard.

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