Friday, 7 December 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012

When I didn’t have a netbook I used books I didn’t really like doing homework in it because my writing wasn’t tidy and it was frustrating and my hand gets sore and red. Now I have a netbook it is so much better because I get to take it home and do my work at home.

But I don’t like it when it doesn't  connect to  Wairehe  at our school and can be really  frustrating when its on number lock and freezing all the time. With all of that said, the coolest thing is that I get to take it home and finish work that I need to complete like reading, maths and writing.

I like my netbook as a cool learning tool because I get to find lots of information from the internet.

I hoep next year that I will learning more things when I am year 6.

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