Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Seed

In a faraway land there were two tribes named the Scarabs and the Chafers there live far away. From
each other there was a border that the two trbs never crossed.

Then something fall from the sky to the trids
it looked like rock. The next day the Scarabs and the Caffers stated it to figure out what. It was then one day
the two  tribes  said the rock thing  was a cherry tree.

So the two thirds declared war the Scarabs and the Chafers got ready. For the fight  the  tribes  made armour , spears , cannons , catapults and there dug holes.

When the two tribes were ready to fight they noticed
that. the cherry tree was reaching. Over the two tribe
kings said there is no reason to fight so the two tribes
live in peace.

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