Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Korobeau Omaru creek test on Turbidity

Testing Omaru Creek for - Turbidity

I am going to find out: How clear is omaru creek water is.

I am going to test this by: We are going to test the water  by getting water samples.

Resources and equipment: we need to get samples  of culvert water , bridge water seawater and tap water  and different font sizes.

I predict that: I predict that the culvert water will be the dirtiest  of them all.

I think this because: I think this because I looke at the water and it looked yukesults of my tests

Sea Water
Tap water
Omaru Creek water by culvert
Omaru Creek water by bridge

My conclusion (what I found out): I found out that the Culvert was not the dirtiest it was the bridge.

Why I think this is: because the catfish is digging into the dirt and making it cloudy

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