Tuesday, 2 July 2013

My Weekend

On Saturday I went to my  game against Waitakere, I play for Marist Tamaki rugby club.

I was on for the first half of the game. Our caption Frankie won the toss and we picked receiving and going left. Then we got to our places and the back line were on the left and the forwards were on the right. The ref said are you ready? We said yes then he blowed the wrls then the kickoff began.

The ball came to my side but Lorenzo got it then he ran to the people. And got tackled then I came and plowed over and started up the ruck lucky we saved it so we got the ball. But Frankie knocked it forward so we had to go back 10 there fastest player ran up an got a try, Rob are coach said to  get in there.

The kicker got the goal kick in so we went back to play Jaybers always kicks to the left for us to takil. Then we went up to the number 9 we tackled him.  The halfback parts it out to the win and ran to Max but Max was by himself and he go parts and got another try.

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Juanita Garden said...

You have been working hard to write a topic sentence at the beginning of each paragraph. It is making your paragraphs clearer.
Keep Striving!

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