Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Cross Country run

Paragraph about: ready to go
Its a Sunny day for Pt England, The Cross Country. We had to line up to go into our years and wait  to have some fun outside.

Paragraph about: The start line
We were feeling happy because the year fives were first . Then it went on and on until
it was our turn. Miss  Jarman lead us to the start line I was very nervous, Mr Burt told us the way.Once he was done Mr Burt said “Are you ready”, we all said “Yes”, set, Go.
We were off around the cones and through gate and out the to the reserve.

Paragraph about:Finish line
When I was almost at the finish line I fell over but the man picked me up and said “keep going” so I did.

Conclusion that makes my message clear
I was so happy that it was over because i was tired of running. overall it was fun to compete in
the Cross Country.

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