Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Frozen in the ice

Last night it was snowing Layla went find fresh grass to eat. Layla looked for grass for 1 hour but she couldn't find any. Soon after she fell asleep next to a  shed.

When she woke up she was cold and freezing, Layla was scared that she would die.  She was yelling  with fear but none could hear her. Trying to get out but she couldn't find a way out she tried to keep herself  warm by moving her legs up and down.

She heard a dog barking and the other cows MOOing the dog found her. Kent went back to the farm and tell the farmer the Layla’s stack.

The farmer found Layla but he couldn't find a way to get her out. Then he got the tractor to pull her out. The farmer was happy that Layla got out she could have died if he didn't come.

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