Friday, 14 March 2014

Punctuation Assessment

Lesson 1: To punctuate sentences using full stops,
capital letters, exclamation marks and question marks
(1) What are you going to do today, Kylie
(2) That an amazing goat
(3) I am going to go home if i finish my school work on time  

(4) I hate it
(5) When are you going to go shopping in Hamilton
(6) I live in New Lynn, in a house just off clark st
(7) Stop that now
(8) Who has left this mess on the table in my classroom
(9) Do you attend pt england school
(10) Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand.
(11) Dr Brown works at city hospital on tripoli road
(12) Help help me i’m drowning
(13) Our principal is called Mr Burt
(14) My name is Carly Smith and i support the Auckland Blues.
(15) Why is this the final sentence on the page

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