Monday, 14 April 2014

2014 Fia Fia

It is the moment that we have all been practicing for, its the 2014 FIA FIA. Well it all started when the school had to pick a group, and the following groups were Kapa Haka , Tonga boys and girls, Samoa boys and girls , Hip hop ,Asian , Precisely That , Hawaiian Hula girls , Cook island drumming and dancing , Mid school Kapa Haka , Fijian and  Bollywood.

As I came to school its was already packed  with people , I saw my friends and we bought same candy floss , chips and a drink. As it  came to 6.00 all of the kids had to goto our dressing rooms to get ready. Miss Paget put on a movie for us until Mr Burt called us to come out and sit down, the Mcs for tonight were Esara, Gloria , Wyatt and Tyler.

To open the 2014 Fia Fia were the senior Kapa Haka they wowed us with there wayzata and a haka. When the Bollywood were on I was nervous and had butterflies in my stomach. Our Performance was mean, and after the Hip hop Me and Neo had to goto band, our band was Called Red Remix,we Performed Rude by Magic.  I was the drummer ,Neo was lead guitar,Esara was rhythm Ben was Bass , Keys were Howard , and the vocals was Anamy , Henry  and Lesa.

My Favourite act was the senior Samoa Boys because they had a cool twist in the end.

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