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How to play Softball

         How to play Softball

Hey if you're new to softball, then I'm going to take you on a  adventure  to show you how to play softball.In this peice of writing I am going to teach you all you need to know  about softball and how to play the game.

A game of softball is similar to baseball,the aim of the game is to get the most points by getting more  runs. What is it you have to do to win you might ask? Well there are many ways to win and is one way you can  win. The most common way  to win is by   stealing bases.The way of stealing bases is when the pitcher pitches to the batter and if he hits it then you can run to second or third.

What you need to play is softball, you will need a softball field, softball bat,softball gloves, a softball ,Apparel,softball Cleats and Protective gear.Like you know this is a team sport, not a solo sport ok,there are 3 bases in a triangle when you hit the ball as far as you can you can run to first base. If you hit it out of the park,you are not out because that is a homerun, “what is a homerun you might ask” Well a home run is when you run over all the bases. Here is the link of a home run
If you need same techniques with pitching or batting, here are some that can  help you in a game.SP.png
Most common fastpitch motion is a windmill technique, where the pitching arm starts in front of your  body and makes a  circle to get  power and speed before the ball is released.


Now here are some techniques of batting, when gripping the bat, the hitter has to push with your  fingers  not with  your palms.

You will need these skills to play softball,you need speed,agility  and strength. With speed you can get to the bases fast if you hit the ball soft.If you have good agility then you can move fast to the ball and good reflexes. If you have good strength then you can get your teams more point by getting home runs.

Ok if you can do all of those things then you will be a very good softball or baseball player. If your don't have these skills then softball is not the game for you, but if you can do all of them the you might be a star player.

   Like all adventures this is come to an end,I hope that my piece of writing has help you understand everything about softball.I will be back with same more writing about sports and how to play them. If you want me to write about something you want to know just comment and I will see if I can do it.

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