Thursday, 27 November 2014

Future Aspirations

This Morning at the senior block we had the Future Aspirations come and talk to us , Mr Patterson comes with some people that have been doing well since he meet them.Mr Patternson came to our block to talk about what we wanted to be when we grow up.There were 3 people that came to talk to us, they were Mr Samuels,Paula and Amelia.

First to speak is  Anthony Samuels, did you know that he work and products What Now.Anthony was born in Wellington New Zealand on December 11, 1972. His speak mostly funny because you showed us his old photos of when he was acting in What Now.

Paula was next, he works at Tamaki College, his job is to go around and talking to kids my age and tell them what might they want for a job. Paula told us this story about how he almost died, It was funny and sad at the same time but what cracked me up is that when the teacher marks the roll and when it comes to his name she has same kind of a mothdisess. His quote for today was that if you try stuff you might be good at it but if you don't then you don't know you are good at.

The best quote for the morning is To Miharo Hoki meaning the I can talk back to the teacher but it does not mean I can't be nice to her the next day. This will help me when I go off to college because I will be told what to do and I have to do it with out moaning.Like Michael Jordan didn't make it into his high school basketball team but now he is one of the best players of history.


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