Friday, 1 November 2013

The Accident my story with marking

Last night it was raining hard like  golf balls coming down, me and my friend Zane had a sleepover  at my house.The next day my mum made us some breakfast, mince on toast humm nice breakfast.Jo and Zane did the dishes after that me and Zane  went out to get the quad bike out.

Riding up and down the hills.I was going to turn that’s when I FLIPPED and fell over Zane ran as fast as he could to tell Jos mum. Jos mum called the ambulance, when mum was done she rushed to try and get the bike off.

The ambulance came and they tried there best to get him off “PUSH” they said but they couldn’t get it off.So they call the fire department, they keeped pushing there hardiest to when the fire department came they got the bike off.

Jo had to go hulstpatill  had got a broken leg and dislocated his arm.When Jo came out of the hulstpatill  he was banned from the bike

from now on.  

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