Monday, 4 November 2013

The Whisper

P1 On Avenel Station there was a cow called Rosie  she was walking on the paddock.When she heard a whisper HELP,HELP ME Rosie turned around , but there  was no one there.She kept walking,Rosie heard it again HELP , ANYBODY.

P2 The mysterious voice faded away Rosie was getting scared,Then she called “Hello is anyone there”.On one called back then she ran to get help but they were gone,She found her friend Anna.She said to Anna “can you help me theres a whisper and it sounds like  she needs help”.

P3 Anna and Rosie ran as fast as they can lookin all around the forest but they couldn't find her.Anna saw someone hey look ,there she is she was heart, what's your name my name is Kelly I was walking then a deer was chasing me , then I fell and cut me self.

P4  There was a thorn stuck inside hold on to something Anna pulled the thorn.It came out ,Kelly was still in alot a pane its going to be allright said Rosie. “Thanks you guys for helping me” said Kelly It's all right  said Anna and Rosie.


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