Sunday, 15 March 2015

Holiday Highlights

Stay home
Play games

In the holidays it was fun because I just stay home or go out to the park and see my friends. And that i can just watch tv all day and play games on the xbox at my friends and aunts house. One more thing about staying home is that there is no work to be complete.

At my aunt's house me and my cousin's play on the xbox or go and play outside. The most games we play is Modern Warfare 3 or mw3 for short some other games we play is skate 3,gta5,black ops and more. If we have to play outside, we go and have a swim at the pools.

This christmas was the best because I got to have the meanest presents from my mum and to see all the family. This christmas was best because we had a pig on a spit and all kinds of nice food there too. And some of the family from Australia came home for christmas as well, it  was cool because  I haven't seen them in ages.

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