Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Mrs Tele'a's birthday

In this rainy morning there was a special time in the street today,why you ask? well it was the lovely Mrs Tele’a’s 40th today. We planned a dance for the birthday girl, we were all to make a circle around Mrs Tele’a while she is do her samoan dance.

It was time to do our performance, the boys grabbed their netbooks and snuck outside and try to fool the fellow students that did not know what was going on. Hannah snuck outside and turned the music that Mrs Tele’a has put for us.

As the music began we all leapt off the tables helling che-ho-ho and started to dance in a circle waiting for Mrs Tele’a to dance with us. You know what gets to me? is that you do not have to a samoan to do the dance. Everyone was unsure what was going on and too shy to dance with us.She pulled up her skirt thats shows her tattoo that is a malu which is a female tattoo.

Out of no where Miss Peato comes and dance’s with us, it was so funny because she was laying on the ground while Mrs Tele’a was jumping over her. Miss Peato was going the samoan dance with me,Semi,Takai,Moses and Uili. Me and Takai were have a bit of a laugh when Miss Peato was on the ground hahaha.

Over it was really cool to be into the dance because i’m Maori and I don’t real know how to dance like Samoan or Tongan. And you don’t have to be Tongan or Samoan, its just all about having a go and I did.

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Mrs Tele'a said...

Malo Korobeau!! I like your opening! I love the essence of this post - this is what you concluded your blog post with - giving things a go! I love that we all had the chance to dance and as you shared above - you needn't be Samoan to have enjoyed the dance we shared. It really is a place of strength to do what you did today along your peers, not being shy but pushing yourself to give something a go even though you would have felt out of your comfort zone! It's this very attitude Korobeau that will assist you in becoming an effective leader for your peers and your future. I look forward to seeing you grow in your role as a leader, friend and sportsperson this year. Kia kaha!

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