Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Memorial recount

Its the 25th of April 2015, the only day that spreads sadness all over our country and the world. Anzac day is to remember all the soldiers that went and fought for our country in the year 1915.
Millions of men were killed during the war, but when the they came back, most to all men were injured  from the battle of Gallipoli.  

At Pt England School, we have our memorial serves after our normal assembly the whole of Pt England gathered around our memorial while the prefects were saying prays. Once they were done, we silently listened to the last post, we all shall remember all those who fought and died for us.

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Staniford said...

Kia ora Korobeau,
My name is Kate Staniford and I am the Deputy Principal of a school on the South Island. I recently saw your Principal at a conference in Auckland. He showed everyone the amazing blogs and other work students at your school are doing. I thought I would take a look myself!
I picked your blog because of the cool background, you are certainly an excellent artist.
I enjoyed reading your recount of Anzac Day. It is an important day for me too even though I am not originally from New Zealand. April 25th was my father's birthday, he died in UN peace keeping service back in 1978 when I was only 1 year old. For my family, we remember him on this day as well as the Anzac soldiers, my daughter was able to wear his medal to the Anzac service.
It must have been a moving service at your school with the prefects saying prayers. Will you be a prefect?
Your written recount is nicely constructed, just a few spelling areas to go over :) - Memorial Services, Prayers
Have a great day Korobeau,

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