Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Dear William, Letter

Korobeau Ronaldo
130 PT England Road


Dear William

Its good to know you are recovering from your wound, coming into your neck and out your right aer.Couldn’t help  but to hear the nurses there are treating you well  and help to get you up and fighting in no time, when they are talking to you do you know what they are saying?..

Your injuries seem painful , and the result of your jaw is affected , I hope you have a full recovery over the 3-4 months you have to stay in England . When you have fully recovered do you have to run a fitness test to see if your ready to go and fight in France?

Yours sincerely


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Robert Wiseman said...

Hi Korobeau, I enjoyed reading your letter. I like the way you asked William questions. This leaves the lines of communication open, giving him a chance to write back to you.

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