Monday, 8 June 2015

Week 1 zeal zone

Last Friday Mr Wiseman started our tinkering tools and toys project, our Walt was “What can we do to make school life better”. Some of the things we came up with was outdoor furniture, shoe storage, bag storage and lots more.

We had to get into teams and discuss what we were to make our school a better place.When we have got ourselves into teams  Mr Wiseman took us out to look at what needs to make a change in our school.

Once we came back into class we had a better idea on what was needed to make or school a better place. All the teams were assigned to make four final things they were gonna make, my team the five shims came up with the idea to make cubby holes for the teachers because they have no space to put all their stuff.

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Ms Paget said...

Sounds like a fun inquiry this term Korobeau. I like how your group thought of the teachers and are making something for them. You will need good measuring skills now. I look forward to reading about your progress with the project.

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