Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Amazing Race

It was a normal Tuesday, but then I special thing happened in the year 7 and 8 block.Miss Tele’a had planned a fun day for the 7 and 8 students.I thought that we were gonna play games outside, but I thought wrong.

We had to get into teams, team A and B. I was lucky because I was with all my friends.As I listened more I found out the we were going to go up against the other classes.

It was called the amazing race, why was it called that? I didn’t know.But as Miss Tele’a kept telling us what kind of activities set for us,I kinda knew what was going on here.So the actives were photo both,cookie face, fear factor and one more I can’t remember. Did I know what we were gonna do at these stations? nah I didn't have a clue.

The fear factor was funny, because the first activity was the weetbix challenge. In this challenge we had to get our fastest eater, that was me ofcourse. I thought I was going to eat it in a bowl with milk , but then I was horribly wrong.I had to eat the whole raw.

When we started, I chopped the weetbix in half to get the upper hand. As I was eating the weetbix it got harder and harder to chew because they was dry weetbix, the taste was horrible.I knew I was gonna win,Brandon ended up winning in the end.

Although I lost, l was really excited to find out what the photo booth was.The photo booth activity looked really  cool because all you do is take photos of you and your group.Our first photo was of us happy, then serous to creative. For the creative photo our group decided to make the human bike. Tevita was pedles, Wiremu was the seet, Taniela was the handle bars, Me and Sateki were riding the bike.It was going well untill I fell off.

In conclusion the fun day was actually fun then I planned. I still had the bitter taste in my mouth when we came to a close.But overall is was fun,competitive but the main thing is that we all have fun. Because we hardly have days like these.    

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