Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The Google Expedition

Yesterday was an unusual day for the year 7&8 students,because we had the Google Expedition come to Pt England school.The Google Expedition takes us to places that we have never heard or been to before. What takes us to these places is called Google Cardboard,when I first saw the Google Cardboard I thought is was just normal cardboard but I was wrong.

The first place we visited was the Borneo rainforest,where we saw the famous David Attenborough.I learnt the David is a famous scientist,David even has his own tv show on the Discovery Channel.I didn’t really know why he was at the Borneo rainforest,I think he was there to test out the rocks and how long it was there.

My favorite place that we went to was the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa in Dubai.We were outside the 41st floor of Burj Khalifa,I had a look around and I saw these men cleaning the windows.I felt like I was going to fall all the way down to the ground but It was just a picture.

In conclusion the Google Expedition was one of the best events that has happened to the year 7&8 block this term.I was really sad that they have to leave because I wanted to visit some more places that I have never been before.But overall it was a cool experience for me.

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